skinBrakes and Clutches

DXL, MDC, Steel Nytro, Axle Clutches, Greased Lightning

L&T: 1,2&3 Disc 2 Cycle, 4 Cycle

Max Torque


NORAM: Road Warrior, Original Noram

BRAKES: Martin Custom Products, Eniginetics

Tires and Wheels

Specs and Compound Usage Grid

Tire Construction and Settings

Burris Racing
Tire Compound, Hardness Spectrum and Dirt Tires

We also carry 
Maxxis, Chen-Shin Tires     
Van-K and Douglas Wheels

Parts and Accessories

  • Oil
    Blendzall, Lotz, Burris Hi-REV, FHS, Cool Power
  • Fuel
    Methanol, phillips 66 race gas, unocal race gas, germane dioxane test Kit
  • Instrumentation & Gauges
    Digatron, Rebco-Precision Tire Pressure Gauges, Durometers Tire Pyrometers, Probe Type or IR
  • Driver Apparel
    Simpson Helmets, Suits, Gloves, Neck Collars, Gearbox Driving Suits & Gloves
  • Other
    Azuza Engineering, Gem Products, Manco Fun Karts, EK Chain, DID Chain, Coleman Starters and more

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